About Us

About Us

mike_3975-finalMike Hunter was born in New Hampshire and is dedicated to coaching professionals into authenticity in small towns and big cities around the world. His mission is to help professionals and business ride the wave of innovation by building leveraging their professional brand on the LinkedIn platform.

As a kid, he was friendly to everyone but never really part of one circle. Never settling in one group and always…. apart. No surprise then that he got a degree in anthropology; the study of people and cultures. Living with others but always being an outsider.

Mike has tours of duties through the business world that include working 2nd shift on the factory floor and in a swank venture capital company in Boston.  He knows how to talk to the guy swinging a hammer and the woman walking out of the C-Suite.

After years of searching, He has finally found his authentic purpose.

His goal is to travel the world learning about the future of business and careers in order to coach his clients into authenticity as we rocket into the new world of work. Teach them to build their personal brand so that they can not only survive our rapidly changing world but can thrive!