Start Thinking Like an Entrepreneur

Start Thinking Like an Entrepreneur

An entrepreneurial mindset is a necessity in  an ever more global economy. The United States, for example, is still operating in an industrial mindset. We apply for jobs when they are posted with a resume. We channel our time and resources into figuring out which jobs will be “hot” with high salaries. Our new economy, a global economy,  is growing at such a rapid rate that even colleges and universities are challenged to keep up with the pace of change. We have moved away from an industrial based economy and are now hurtling into the “niche” economy. While many are anxious about this shifting, it is essential that we embrace it and learn how to thrive.

Students are graduating only to find that the business landscape has already shifted and they need to develop new skill sets that they missed in school. So we have a challenge on our hands. Do we try to stop the wave of innovation that we are in now? Do we try to go back to some glorious past where life was simple? No, nor could we. But we CAN approach our professional lives with eyes to the future.  Living in a beach town, one quickly learns to watch for the next set of waves to ride instead of staying blind and being dragged under.

Professionals that work in or with the tech world are aware of the rapid and radical changes that are sweeping through the working world. Unfortunately, many of the most vulnerable professional workers are unaware of the changes that will be affecting their business. Here at Pivot Launch Coaching, we struggle with what is the most effective way to change people’s mindsets or perceptions of what a modern career or job looks like. It is vital that they think less like a worker and more like a small business owner or entrepreneur. Essentially, they must learn to take control of their own brand and learn how to share their story; cultivate a personal brand image and use it to navigate through the modern, tech fluid working landscape.



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